Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Has Sprung, ask JR Seaton?

Bluebells and daffodils,
humming drum and clarity,
bodytime and vacant ills:
It's springtime darling, can't you see?

JR Seaton eases us into spring with an amazing mix of bliss and beats.

Off Relish Records (Started by Robi Insinna - aka Headman and Manhead) and currently living in Berlin, where he runs the fortnightly NUKK NUKK parties and the record label Nocturnes. Seaton finds it difficult to take boundaries seriously despite the impact they may have on peoples lives and understandings (be it the real ones between nations, or the imaginary ones between musical styles).

"I like stuff that I can see, touch, or engage with - synthesizers, records, and forceful expressions of anger or pain. I like dust, mess and mistakes."

Seaton grew up primarily in London and has hung his hat in the likes of Glasgow and Andalucia. While continuing to write music and dj he is very interested in the spaces between ideas and understandings...deep shit for ser!

"I get excited by people who take a risk with their work and have some kind of vision. I love a lot of different stuff and like to sit between contrasting places and feelings. It's the tension between these things that keeps things interesting."

No More Pop takes you on a journey to the lesser explored regions of the electronic grid. Frequently engaging us with layer upon layers of swirling synths and ambient soundscapes. Grab your iPod, pick up a tallboy, and let JR take you on an odyssey...It's beautiful for fuck's sake??!


1. Terre Thaemlitz - Saki Chan pt. 1
2. Brassica - New Jam City
3. Prince - Erotic City
4. KING SPORTY - Do you Wanna Dance?
5. Call Super - And it Was! (Liasons Mix)
6. Joe R Lewis - Love Mystery
7. Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It (Trax Re-edit)
8. Gatto Fritto - My Etheric Body
9. Rente Cumbiero - Pitchito
10. Matias Aguayo - Ritmo juarez
11. Bibi Tanga & The Selenites - Be Africa (Tim Goldsworthy Mix)
12. Call Super - Nosebleed (Hmdrm Mx)
13. JR Seaton - In Your Mask I See A Better Person
14. Rasmus Folk - Coupe

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crystal Fighters

French fashion and music label Kitsuné boasts a lengthy laundry list of electro indie rock giants, among them Boys Noize, Bloc Party, the Whitest Boy Alive, Hot Chip, and many others. So it should come as no surprise that Spain's Crystal Fighters, a folktronic band that cleverly combines Basque folk instruments with drum loops, heavy synths, lilting vocals, and a rocking stage show happily joined their ranks in 2008. Only it took me just a few days ago to find out who they were and to have their sound completely envelop me, thanks to a random video on vimeo featuring their track At Home. Better late than never they say and in this case im thankful. enjoy the folktronic sounds of Crystal Fighters.


and a quality Jools Holland live performance to showcase their entertaining stage presence.