Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Uffie Doesn't Want You To Worry (Video)

Uffie - Difficult
Uploaded by Uffie.

This right here is the brand spankin' new video for Uffie's single Difficult off her debut album Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans. The song which is produced by SebastiAn, my favorite Ed Banger banger and this beat is so yum. the video is directed by these three frenchman, AB/CD/CD. Her debut album has long been in the works and been pushed back and back as she was finding herself, her sound, as well as taking time off to do the child birth thing. It has been quite some time since her first single Pop the Glock dropped which crowned her the queen of the electro-pop scene. Some might say its too late for her to get back on top with all these newbies coming outa the woodwork and Keisha straight up jacking her stylee but don't underestimate Uffie and the Ed Banger crew, dudes pwn and after all Uffie is like that hot chic that you can't even touch. Swagger'd

Uffie - Difficult (Produced by SebastiAn) by Hypetrak

Uffie - Difficult.mp3 <----- click and download

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EleKtraWall said...

Song's pretty diese. Always liked her music more than I should because well...who doesn't wanna Uff Uffie

Video's pretty sweet. WOuld rather have the instrumental...keep up the posts breh.