Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Night By Night

Mountain Dew knows whats up with the kids and their music. Green Label Sound teamed up with Chromeo to release their first original song since '07, damn time flies. Chromeo now joins the ranks of Matt & Kim, The Cool Kids, and Holy Ghost! who have all collaborated with Mountain Dew's Green Label to drop the refreshing ness.
Chromeo's invading the city October 16th at Irving Plaza. Mark it.

Chromeo - Night By Night.mp3

In keeping with the Chromeo thing they've also teamed up with !K7 Records who recently dropped there first DJ-Kicks mixtape in 2 years. Chromeo contributed a fine rendition of The Eagles timeless piece I Can't Tell You Why. It's been on repeat alongside The Eagles original. Still don't know which one i prefer. You decide.

Chromeo - I Can't Tell You Why.mp3

The Eagles - I Can't Tell You Why.mp3

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