Friday, August 21, 2009

Eyo Wade!

So recently, some steamy pictures of my homeboy - and The Virgins' guitarist - Wade Oats and sexy LDN singer Lily Allen (allegedly) violently making out. The two met at the Fuji Rocks festival in Japan, and apparently were immediate attracted to each other. Allen, who is typically linked to much older, more "successful" men, is known to have shacked up with Chemical Brother Ed Simons (39), record exec Seb Chew, and art dealer Jay Jopling (45), while Wade has been linked to Boomtown Rats' frontman Bob Geldolf's daughter Pixie Geldof (20).

In light of the Allen/Oates hook up, people have been quick to report that Wade is actually married (according to his Facebook account, haha)!. I mean, as far as I know, it's not really true.

Here are the famous pictures:

and look how well they clean up:

Full article here.


Jon Geronimo said...

Lily Allen is HOT!

it's iNEVitable said...

Great, now I'm jealous of Wade for 2 reasons!