Friday, June 19, 2009


ahhhhhh mash-ups and mixtapes. Terry Urban, the genius behind many mashup mixtapes featuring the biggest names in hip-hop, hooks us all up with the mixtape of the summer SouthernGold which features MC's from the south mashed with Santigolds debut album. Theres a bit of controversy surrounding the mixtape and Santi's hypocritical record label which issued a cease and desist order which officially shut the project down. Because this is 2009 you can't keep anything from circulating around the internet. Santigold has stated that she supports the mixtape culture and would like to see this as an official release. So if she wants you to hear it, hear it here and go tell Downtown Records to Shuv it. The summer of Hip-Hop continues.


Santigold - Unfreakable Girl (ft. Gucci Mane).mp3

Santigold - Fire Superman (ft. Weezy F).mp3

Terry Urban & Gold Coin Clothing - Southerngold (Mixtape)

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