Thursday, May 14, 2009

Free Blood

This is the 8th installment of the We Make It Good and The Fader Present series with Brooklyn's own Free Blood. If you haven't listened to Free Blood, do it and see them live if possible, shit is ridiculous.

“In the spirit of our occasional “non-dj” twist on the WMIG mix series, our buddy John from Brooklyn’s FREE BLOOD was kind enough to make us this awesome mixtape of influences, inspirations, and springtime newyorkness. Eddie Kendricks, Kid Creole, Freddie Mas; this “tape” harkens back to the high school days of yore when our mixtapes were top to bottom all full of awesome! Embrace the roughly polished sheen of FREE BLOOD and get to listenin at the listenin place!”


We Make It Good Vol. 8 - Free Blood.mp3

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