Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Daft Punk and Celluloid Disney

Yea Daft Punks cool and yeaa Disney films were cool until you reached whatever age it was that you realized that the sexual perverseness throughout the films is anything but subtle and how Mr. Walt himself was a closet bigot. Sorry about that ramble, Of recent days tho theirs been a bunch of new Daft Punkness that people are throwing around. Peep this...

Staying on the Daft Punkness this dude is good peoples. CHECK IT!
iDaft (by Matias Najle).

This interesting, entertaining video was found by the homie Luke who tuned it on to my eyes the other day, it shows clips of Disney characters from different movies doing the same routines, basically re-using the old celluloid films. Lazy's.
Press Play.

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