Monday, May 25, 2009

RIP Jay Bennett

Bennett, a long time solo artist, highly sought after studio artist, and former member of bands such as Titanic Love Affair and Wilco passed away this morning after complications from hip surgery.  Jay famously and publicly feuded with Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy about the direction of the band he helped make famous was headed.  After being pushed out of Wilco, Bennett went on to release five solo and collaboration albums, and produce Blue Travelers eighth album.  His final effort Whatever Happened I Apologize was released via the internet in November 2008.  His contributions to the musical world will be missed.  Read more and download his latest album plus some b-side Wilco tracks at Cover Lay Down.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The ever-present Gorillaz recently dropped Bananaz, a documentary a long time in the making.  From the days of Y2K to roughly when I was supposed to graduate college, filmmaker Ceri Levy followed and toured with Gorillaz collaborating with this unique foursome and creating amazing footage of behind the scenes action, original artwork, animations and music.  The film also features appearances by a few of the many Gorillaz collaborators over those 6 years, including: Dennis Hopper, De La Soul, Ibrahim Ferrer, Dangermouse, Dan the Automator, D12, Booty Brown and Neneh Cherry.  First screened at the Berlin Film Festival in 2008 to rave reviews, Bananaz recently became available to the masses via our good friend the internet, and you can watch all 92 minutes of it thanks to Babelgum.

"Unconventional, uncompromising filmmaking of the highest order" said Chris Tilly of IGN

Monday, May 18, 2009


Either your slingin crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot.

The greatest ever to touch the rock.

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That's levitation holmes.

Davis and Scalabrine should go back to the slang thang; what dissapointment those Boston teams are. Lets go Cleveland.
EDIT: Oops this is from last year but a great Brian Scalabrine Post Game interview nonetheless.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Free Blood

This is the 8th installment of the We Make It Good and The Fader Present series with Brooklyn's own Free Blood. If you haven't listened to Free Blood, do it and see them live if possible, shit is ridiculous.

“In the spirit of our occasional “non-dj” twist on the WMIG mix series, our buddy John from Brooklyn’s FREE BLOOD was kind enough to make us this awesome mixtape of influences, inspirations, and springtime newyorkness. Eddie Kendricks, Kid Creole, Freddie Mas; this “tape” harkens back to the high school days of yore when our mixtapes were top to bottom all full of awesome! Embrace the roughly polished sheen of FREE BLOOD and get to listenin at the listenin place!”


We Make It Good Vol. 8 - Free Blood.mp3

Monday, May 11, 2009

New Faces of Hip Hop

Whats the deal with all these HA HA funny guys putting out bangers? First Andy Samburg and the Lonely Island crew with celebrity guest spots and now Andy Milonakis is tweet tweeting all over the god damn place. Tho it's all strangely entertaining.

and if your not following the EastCoastness twitter yet for some reason, tweet that bitch.

Back to the Andy Samberg and the Lonely Islansd tip; their new jam features the one and only Natalie Portman and who would've thought such a fine Harvard grad good spit rhymes so well, damn girl.

Lnly Eyeland - Nat Rap.mp3

Some random crunk Haile Berry song thats laugh a minute. Thanks Meat, Sim One, and Puke for the turn on.

Haile Berry Song.mp3 via youtube

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Passion Pit - Sleepy Head Neo Tokyo Style

Manners which drops May 19th, Mark it! is one of 2009's most anticipated albums after Sleepy Head dropped as a single in late fall. The albums been tightly wrapped up from the audio pirates but they're sneaky and leaked every bit of that piece earlier this week. Back to the sleepy head tip, theres been some poor attempts at remixing it as of late and i've been on the wait for a tolerable remix of this jam. Neo Tokyo does just that. They bring it into the club with electro thrash and glitch deliciousness that won't dissapoint. Neo Tokyo managed to transform this from an autumn late night wind down dance floor jam to pure summer body sweat.

everythings going to the beat

Passion Pit - Sleepy Head (Neo Tokyo Remix).mp3

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Daft Punk and Celluloid Disney

Yea Daft Punks cool and yeaa Disney films were cool until you reached whatever age it was that you realized that the sexual perverseness throughout the films is anything but subtle and how Mr. Walt himself was a closet bigot. Sorry about that ramble, Of recent days tho theirs been a bunch of new Daft Punkness that people are throwing around. Peep this...

Staying on the Daft Punkness this dude is good peoples. CHECK IT!
iDaft (by Matias Najle).

This interesting, entertaining video was found by the homie Luke who tuned it on to my eyes the other day, it shows clips of Disney characters from different movies doing the same routines, basically re-using the old celluloid films. Lazy's.
Press Play.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh Snapp!! & Ed Orable - Bill Cosby Sweater

Oh Snapp!!'s just too fat to be a hipster.

remix dose:

Oh Snapp!! & Ed Orable - Bill Cosby Sweater (Hostage Remix).mp3

Oh Snapp!! - Too Fat To Be a Hipster (MightyFools Remix).mp3

Mishka Keeps Watching Out

This month LDN's own Plastician helps Mishka keep watch with the 8th addition to the Mishka presents Keep Watch series. Sorry if that was bit repetitive i know repetition can kill you. This month Plastician drops his favorite Dubstep and Grime tracks of the past year.
Mmmmmmm Dubstep.

Mishka presents Keep Watch

you can cop all the previous Keep Watch mixes right herr brought to you by Mishka NYC.

Also Mishka dropped the new hot threads and fitteds for the spring so if your around Brooklyn drop in or hit up the internet. Peep.