Saturday, April 4, 2009

1 Year

Today marks the One Year Anniversary of this here blog and the East Coast team's hard dedication. 2008 was a fun, drama filled year but were still here doing this thing. OBAMA. Thank you all for keeping your faith in the internet and clicking thru here to see what the truth is. Happy Birthday EastCoastOverdose, one hell of a productive year. We can't stop, We won't stop, you know how we do. Heres 2008 in forty five seconds...

John Lennon - Everyone Had A Hard Year (Demo).mp3
Everyone had a hard year.
Everyone had a good time.
Everyone let their hair down.
Everyone pulled their socks up.

Keep you ears and eyes tuned right here and prepare for the EPIC party come friday.

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Anonymous said...

i <3 schnieds