Monday, March 23, 2009

John Mayer's Twitter Addiction

Twitter just turned 3 and most people i know are slowly becoming acquainted with the new social media outlet let alone the whole Twitter revolution thats swallowing the world. Usually i don't get into the celebrity gossip thing, i leave that to the pros like Perez Hilton and Pukee but when that gossip leaks into the social media world im all over it. According to UK's The Telegraph, Jennifer Anniston kicked John Mayer to the curb over his twittering ways. Apparently John Mayer was spending hours on Twitter, twittering away and telling Jen that he was too busy to get in touch with her. Twitter ruins lives.

Asher Roth - Stop Waiting On the World To Change.mp3

Oh and no matter how much hype Rolling Stone gives to John Mayer i still feel hes one of the most underrated guitar players today.

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