Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Remix" Thursday

today's edition of remix Thursday is more of an "inspiration Thursday." I was recently privilaged with being introduced to the 1982 Dario Argento film Tenebre. "Tenebrae follows a writer who arrives to Rome only to find somebody is using his novels as the inspiration (and, occasionally, the means) of committing murder. As the death toll mounts the police are ever baffled, and the writer becomes more closely linked to the case than is comfortable." Written by David Carroll {} - from my good friend Amy came across this flick in a film and theory class at Pratt. I haven't seen it yet myself, but I've heard it's quite the trip, so put it on your Netflix list.
anyways, the real reason for this post is the soundtrack, which was done by 80s progressive rock band Goblin.

in their day, they were best known for their collaborative work with Argento, including such films as 1975s Deep Red, and 1977s Suspiria. the band primarily took got their influence from such bands as Genesis and King Crimson. they got their lucky break when composer Giorgio Gaslini - who was working on the score for Argento's Profondo Rosso (Deep Red) - quit the job, due to disagreements with Argento. to make a long story short, Goblin worked on the film, and eventually the soundtrack for Tenebre.
this is where it gets weird.

fast forward 25 years later; Justice releases their masterful album ✞, featuring the monster track Phantom Pt. I (and obviously Pt. II as well.)

well, as the saying goes "what goes around, comes around." influences cycle.
here is the title track from the Tenebre movie soundtrack back to back with Justice's Phantom Pt. I. see if you can tell where Justice gets their influence.

the simple art of sampling and mixing done up real nice by Justice.

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Lil' Beaumont said...

fuck yes. i watched it again last night. it gets worse the more you watch it. but totally gnarly and amazing and the music never gets tired. and eyo check the latest gbh eventzzzz fun times ahead for our feet!