Thursday, February 19, 2009

Remix My Gorillaz?

In 2005 Gorillaz put out their exciting sophomore album Demon Days, featuring awesome electro-pop beats, spacey mellow raps, and even an ongoing story about a fictional group of people who worship a giant mountain called Monkey.  Then in late 2007, the Gorillaz boys: 2D, Russel, Noodle and Murdoc released D-Sides, a nice compilation of 23 tracks from the Demon Days recordings.  Most of the songs on D-Sides are simply tracks that didn't make the final cut, or alternate versions of songs that made the album, but the others are a fair number of remixes from the likes of Soulwax and Hot Chip.  While these remixes might not be club bangers tearing up the dance scene, they are cool and groovy takes on some of the better songs from a great album.  Here's a selection of those remixes, happy Thursday!

Check out the Gorillaz website for more info on their eventual third album, a few movie projects they have in the works, and just to enjoy their very complex and in-depth flash site: featuring all sorts goodies, games, and weird little secrets about the band.

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