Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Love College More Than Asher Roth

Ok, Blogger or web sheriff or whoever is taking down my posts, its getting old. Let me know how im fringing upon whosever copyrights so i don't infringe anymore or whatever im doing wrong; an explanation would be nice. My email address, since your too lazy to find it is FRANCISSTEEZ@YAHOO.COM. Holler at the kid.

Alright back to this Asher Roth jam thats so fire. Theres something about him that reminds me of Slim Shady, but more in a preppy white boy way, not in the i'm a gangster white boy way, ya know. MTV's all over this track so get ready for some heavy heavy rotation. He does sum up the collegeness pretty well tho...
"Time isn't wasted when your gettin wasted"
Heres the video.

Damn i miss being a full time student.

You dig that Undercrown shirt he rocks? Get all your Undercrown apparel via their webshop. click

Theres also a Jim Jones remix out on the internet (peep the hype machine for that), id post it but it may be taken down because you know how gangster those record labels are.

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