Monday, February 23, 2009


What do you get when Hippies, Environmentalists, and Asians come together? A videogame experience that is so far beyond me that my mind could never fathom anything like it. Flower is a visual, audio, interactive escape for the PS3 developed by California based thatgamecompany. It was released February 12th of this year to a warm reception and is available as a download through the Playstation Network. The gameplay is very simple it takes advantage of Sony's sixaxis motion controls in the PS3 controller which allows you to control a flower petal, guiding it with a gust of wind through blighted, brown landscapes. As the petal touches other flowers, you gradually bring the landscape back to life and trees, grass burst into color. Confused? Doesn't sound much like a videogame? Your right but this is 2009 and that world you brought "life" to with that one petal soon becomes very industrial. This game is more than a game its about climate change and about changing and improving the situation which in turn makes you feel quite good over how you've renewed life that was destroyed by industrialization. Very 2009.
This may sum it up a bit better...


Donavan - Catch the Wind.mp3
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