Friday, January 9, 2009

New Post! YAY!/The Future is Here (in 2009)

in '08, everyone got real bummed about the end of Polaroid cameras; as we know them.  As you may have guessed, the key words in that sentence were "as we know them."  That is because Polaroid is back, but with a whole new model.  The new Polaroid is a digital model, which actually prints right in your hand.  The PoGo - as they have cleverly named it - produces 2" x 3" photos, by precisely applying heat to certain areas of the photograph.  Apparently, the quality of the finished product is different than that of old Polaroid photos - obviously - and the outcome resembles that of your typical Lomographic camera - a bit hazy and the colors are slightly off, but if you're true, that shit shouldn't bother you.

So, the PoGo should run you about $200, and should be available in stores in Spring of '09.  If you're into digital photography - which I'm not really into - then the price shouldn't really bother your wallet.  Either way, it's probably worth it anyways.

P.S. The Lomographic Society has had an instant digital camera for a bit too. Check it out here.

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