Friday, January 30, 2009

Eyo Wade!

I guess we're back...

with that being said, I'm going to get straight to the point. New York's own The Virgins has been remixed again! French remix artists The Shoes did up Teen Lovers off The Virgin's self titled '08 hit album. and if that wasn't awesome enough, they're finally returning to their home town. while everyone else is out celebrating the day of love, I'll be enjoy the return of Wade and the gang back to NYC. the show is at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, but it's already sold out - as usual.


The Virgins (The Shoes Remix) - Teen Lovers

if you see Wade, be sure to shout out "eyo Wade!"

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Trilly Beats

Dan Intrilligator aka The Governor aka aka Trilly Beats aka The Real King of Westchester is fresh on the scene and has been plenty busy this winter producing the goodness. When hes not in class drawing beautiful naked birds or playing NFL Blitz on N64 or partying like its 2009 his fingers are busy producing dramatic dance grooves that groove. Stay tuned for the next installment of and peep the EP coming in 2010. - Basement.mp3 - Caffeine.mp3 - Light 1

See You In The Future Kids

Schneids here initiating blog mode. Yea its been a while but thats the 2009 style. An apology and 2008's Best Of will come later so relax yourselves but i have to blog it up for the realness tonight. If your around the Jersey find a way to New Brunswick via the always reliable NJ Transit system or by any means necessary (Pimp a segway somehow). We got the historic first ever Digital Playground presented by The Future Kids featuring ECO's favorite Harriet Dubman aka Ultra Uncle Jasha Tull whose bringing all of the Hits from the Underground Railroad along. Initiate dance mode at 10pm and deprogram at 2am. And in the Words of the Future Kids...

"Dear Family Future Kids,

Tonight, Thursday, January 29th is our first official "Digital Playground" at the Court Tavern in downtown New Brunswick. So please roll-up on your Segway's/Hoverboards and deprogram till 2am!

Uber Cutsie DJ's kick off at 10pm clicking Funky-House, and Electro till 12 am, followed by the likes of Harriet Dubman and Dj Mikey likes It, blasting Hip-Crunk, and Electro-Hop edits and personal remixes till 2am.

Can't wait to see y'all and party likes it's 2012!
Please note that this is a 21+ event, so please be prepared to show I.D. "


Friday, January 9, 2009

New Post! YAY!/The Future is Here (in 2009)

in '08, everyone got real bummed about the end of Polaroid cameras; as we know them.  As you may have guessed, the key words in that sentence were "as we know them."  That is because Polaroid is back, but with a whole new model.  The new Polaroid is a digital model, which actually prints right in your hand.  The PoGo - as they have cleverly named it - produces 2" x 3" photos, by precisely applying heat to certain areas of the photograph.  Apparently, the quality of the finished product is different than that of old Polaroid photos - obviously - and the outcome resembles that of your typical Lomographic camera - a bit hazy and the colors are slightly off, but if you're true, that shit shouldn't bother you.

So, the PoGo should run you about $200, and should be available in stores in Spring of '09.  If you're into digital photography - which I'm not really into - then the price shouldn't really bother your wallet.  Either way, it's probably worth it anyways.

P.S. The Lomographic Society has had an instant digital camera for a bit too. Check it out here.