Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Very Beat Christmas

The once annual christmas records the Beatles put out are as timeless as christmas itself and a lot more real then the fakest holiday marked on the calendar. These rarities are rare as rare can be and were originally only released to those in the Beatles fan club from 1963-1969. These mp3's have been buried deep in my never ending Beatles catolouge and today i'm sharing them with all of you as another east coast overdose exclusive. This is either your one christmas eve gift or your night 4 Channukah gift. Just call me Channukah Harry.
Merry Merry Christmas and Happy Happy Channukah.

The Beatles - The Beatles Christmas Record.mp3 (1963)

The Beatles - All I Want For Christmas/Crimble Medley.mp3

The Beatles - Another Beatles Christmas Record.mp3 (1964)

The Bealtes - Christmas Outtake.mp3

The Beatles - The Beatles Third Christmas Record.mp3 (1965)

The Beatles - Pantomine: Everywhere It's Christmas.mp3 (1966)

The Beatles - Christmas Time Is Here Again.mp3 (1967)

The Beatles - Happy Christmas Record.mp3 (1968)

The Beatles - Happy Christmas Record.mp3 (1969)

John & Yoko - Happy Xmas (War Is Over)(Demo).mp3


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Beatles Fan said...

well i also want to merry christmas to all of you.