Monday, December 8, 2008

R.I.P. Dr. Winston O'Boogie

Look, he's a New Yorker

Yesterday was another postless day, however, there was good reason for it.  Today - December 8th, 2008 - marks the 28 year anniversary of the assassination of John Winston Lennon by the crazy, cowardly Mark David Chapman.
Lennon - best known for his amazing music career with The Beatles, as well as stints with such bands as The Plastic Ono Band, and an extensive solo recording career - was also unfortunately (or fortunately) equally known for his "radical" activism.  Chapman - the fucked up, deranged Hawaiian that he was - decided Lennon was a sell out, and shot him.

Every year, Lennon's followers gather at the Imagine circle in Central Park, to rejoice and sing the many heart fealt tunes of John Winston Lennon.  Unfortunately I was working yesterday, and once again, I couldn't partake in the festivities, which is why I have some songs - not nearly enough though - as well as some of the new reports of Lennon's death.
So please, celebrate at home, or with loved ones; I'll be doing the same.

Rest in peace John.  We all love you, and miss you dearly.
Shine on.


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