Monday, December 15, 2008

Jasha Tull - Reckonerdz

(Photo courtesy of Princeton County Jail)

So, as some of you may know, some of us here at the ECO team went to Hartwick College - although somehow we all have managed to not graduate yet. Anyways, Hartwick is somewhat known for attracting the most out-of-their-minds crazy kids - present company included. Our freshman year, we had the pleasure of being classmates with one Jasha Tull, from PTown aka Princeton NJ, DJ - Princeton, New Jersey.
Jasha Tull was this crazy, tall, dreadlocked, freestylin motherfucker, who took Hartwick on like a hurricane. He left a legacy that will never be forgotten - mostly because of all the flashbacks.
Now, from PTown, DJ, Jasha emerges once again with his budding music career. Here, him and his buddy remix Radiohead's Reckoner. What's more, is that Jasha also produced this music video to go along.

So that was Jasha, now enjoy your dose of Reckonerdz. And remember, this is an East Coast Overdose EXCLUSIVE:

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mike said...

That was a great vid. You should check out nj dj.