Monday, December 8, 2008

Imagine Circle Recap

So last night myself, along with new New Yorker Josh Smalls, went to the Imagine circle to celebrate the life and death, and the music of the beloved John Winston Lennon.  As we stated yesterday, December 8th marks the day that Lennon was tragically taken away from us at the hands of a fucked up gunman.
Anyways, the crowd that came out - numbering anywhere between 50-75 or so people - was very lively.  A band came out to play numerous famous Beatles tunes, such as Anytime at All, I Am the Walrus, If I Fell - one of my personal favorite Beatles songs - Yer Blues, Things We Said Today, as well as many others.  It really goes to show you that even though New Yorkers - old and new - can get over their bullshit for a minute, rally together, and show some lover for a fallen soldier.
While I keep mourning/celebrating John, check out some of these old images from the Imagine circle I found around the internet:

Thank you for taking the time with us to remember.

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