Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ghostwriters and Demos

We all know theirs only a few true mc's in the hip hop world and all the others need their shit written for them (talentless, why'd i spend my money on that album, corporate puppet fucks). Well low and behold the cats out the bag; Lil Kim has learned her flow and had several of her jams ghost written by none other then THE greatest MC ever, Frank the Deputy aka The Notorious BIG. Give em a hand ladies and gentlemen and give it up to The Rap Up and Bubhump for shining the light.

Biggie - Queen Bitch.mp3

On some other Biggie Smalls steez, Mr. Cees premiered this long lost Biggie demo on his radio show a few days ago. Since it is a radio rip its tagged up all over the place. The word out on the blogs is that this is the demo that got him signed and led to him eating the whole rap industry. Straight delicious. Also this will be polished up for the Soundtrack along with some other unreleased ness.

Notorious BIG - Microphone Killer (Demo)(Radio Rip).mp3

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