Monday, November 10, 2008

The Genius of Charles Hamilton

The self proclaimed best blogger alive, Charles Hamilton, whose that hottness right now dropped a new, fresh mixtape entitled The Death of a Mixtape Rapper, hosted by DJ Skee. And it is indeed fresh and cooler than that cucumber in your fridge, holler. My favorite track thats on repeat, repeat, repeat right now is Windows Media Player. Mr. Hamilton spits about the blogness over all those annoying sounds from Windows which he turned into a quality beat and advertises all his websites in the hook, pure genius.
"Noone can tell me what i can and cannot do, tell me to be quiet and ill holler like yahoo. Pause, just in case we got bloggers who want to sit behind keys and start problems...,,,"
yea so go be his friend on myspace and check all his sites too, also.

Download DJ Skee Presents Death of a Mixtape Artist here


Charles Hamilton - Windows Media Player.mp3

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