Friday, November 14, 2008

Fake Blood x Hot Chip

I wasnt going to post today but i had to share the newness. Big ups to Fake Blood for taking a great Hot Chip track and giving it the Fake Blood touch. This definitly has me in a decent mood on this gloomy, moist day.

Hot Chip - Touch Too Much (Fake Blood Remix)
Hot Chip - Touch Too Much (Fake Blood Remix).mp3
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and heres a track that i cant get enough of. Bump this tonight real loud and you will have sweaty bodies all over the dance floor.
Bonus Dose:
Polyhedron (Black Holes Remix) MASTER
Little Jinder - Polyhedron (Black Holes Remix).mp3

and fuck it, heres one for Charlie and the Oneonta peoples.
Charlie Dose:
T.I - whatever-you-like-discotech-rmx
T.I. - Whatever You Like (Discotech Remix).mp3
Again, play LOUD.

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