Monday, October 27, 2008

Fader and The Whiskey CMJ Party Recaps

Big doings this past saturday to end the almost week long CMJ extravaganza that took NYC by storm and myself by surprise. All week i was waiting to catch my crush Little Boots, whose no stranger to the East Coast Overdose, drop her innocuos haunting magical vocals right in front of me. Saturday came and i was by my lonesome at the Fort for the Fader and Levi sponsored party, double fisting the free SoCo and Bass Ale. Armed with my disposable camera i was ready for the floor. After taking my damp rain coat off, i managed my way to the front of the stage to watch the set up action. This short, pretty young thing in a blue sequence blouse and black tights was setting up a tenorion and of course it was none other than Victoria Hesketh aka Little Boots. Excitement ensued. And now ive lost my train of thought or maybe im just at a loss of words; obviously the latter.
Heres a Little Boot's photo dose:

I'd give you an audio dose but Little Boots would rather you peep her myspace and stream her music then have me give it to you for free. Also shes got a new free mix she put together for all of us to stay tuned with on her website so def check that.
Official Website

After Little Boots graced us with her presence, i needed a quick tobacco fix and then it was back inside for some more beverages and bathroom. Charles Hamilton aka that uptown boy with the soul flavor stood patiently waiting to take the stage and was chill enough to share a photo op with yours truly. Holler. Hadn't heard this kids flow before but once he started spitting i knew that so called hip hop revival-ness was in full effect.

Charles Hamilton - Brooklyn Girls.mp3

Charles Hamilton - Wait Till I Get My Money Right.mp3

After the shananigans at the Fort it was uptown to chill for a second and prepare for the free whiskey down at the 205 club. (Sorry i was just notified that i have to make the trip into the city tonight for fellow East Coast Overdose crewmember JustinJustinJustinJustin's birthday bash-ness. So ima speed this post up.) Highlights downstairs included the Hood Internet, Hot Pink Delorean, and VDRK.
Visual Dose:

NYC here i come. Again. To all of you, enjoy tonight, It's Monday.

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