Sunday, October 12, 2008

Diplo's a Radiohead Reckoner ::

Theres been this Reckoner remix project/contest going on for a second now and apparently Diplo's contribution was just a leaked demo that wasn't even finished. Most of you didn't even realize and voted quite a bit for it as an official mix. Heres the the final 2.0 version with a bit more clubness as only Diplo could do it and a few words by the man himself...
"a lil more clubworked in the end.. the original idea was to make the biggest drum break of all TIME! but then it got scarey.. so here is the tame kangaroo version.. also theres a very nice picture of me throwin up gang signs behind thom york."
Radiohead - Reckoner v2.0 (Diplo in a Train Wreck Mix).mp3

Come kick it with Diplo and the East Coast Crew October 16th at Webster Hall. It's an 18+ show so bring your little sisters. Buy tickets here.

R.I.P. Alton Ellis aka The KING of Rocksteady. Post to follow...

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