Sunday, September 14, 2008

SoCo Music Experience Recap

the East Cost Overdose team

So my trip upstate proved to be a trip in itself.  First, I arrived in Oneonta over an hour late, due to the tardiness of the Adironack Trailways transportation service.  However, when I got to the illustrious house on 62 Elm Street, I was greeted by the open arms Mr. Meat.  ATW got me more wasted in all the 4 years I attended that party as a student - Mr. Meat should have some great pictures from the party for the flickr page up soon.
Anyways, what I'm really here to post about is yesterdays SoCo Music Experience, the most random upstate musical festival ever, headlined by MGMT - who couldn't make it, due to a broken foot injury sustained by their drummer - and JUSTICE.  Since MGMT couldn't make it, Brooklyn boy/girl duo Matt & Kim filled in, and pretty much kicked everyone's asses - metaphorically speaking.  The two put on such an energetic show, that they were the first real band of the day to play in front of an actual crowd.

Matt & Kim

If you ask me, I have no idea who else played, other than Lotus - the Philadelphia jam band - who also rocked their shit, and JUSTICE - who just happened to be playing a free show in the most random of all venues, for such a huge, well-known act.  Also a surprise, was another act from Brooklyn, NY, DJ Star Eyes.  She worked the bar all day, with a HUGE DJ set that had me dancing for hours.


DJ Star Eyes

Now I just can't get enough of free shows, and apparently neither can Matt & Kim.  The duo will be playing another free show, this time in the city - so no 3-4 hour commutes this time.  To R.S.V.P. click here.  Hurry up though, you don't wanna miss this opportunity.


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