Monday, September 22, 2008

Leave-a-Penny-Take-a-Penny - Sort of...

So, everyone who's been to a deli, bodega, gas station, etc. knows the Leave-a-Pennie-Take-a-Penny tray - if you don't, the name is pretty self explanatory.  Anyways, if you head over to Chashama - 266 West 37th Street (map)- any artists are invited to partake in an exchanging of art.  Just like the leave-a-penny-take-a-penny tray, you can show up and donate, or exchange your own works of art for that of another artist.  The cool thing about it is you don't even need any money; it's all free.  The only thing they do ask of you to bring - other than brilliant works of art - is your contact info, so that when artists do exchange their work, they can also exchange their contact info as well.

The event - which started today - goes on until Wednesday, so if you are in need of getting your work circulated, or just wanna check out some good art by others in the same hustle as you, come through.  Who knows; maybe I'll trade some shit with you.


Yacht - See a Penny (Pick it Up)

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