Monday, September 1, 2008

Geography Anyone?!?

It has come to my attention recently that the American educational system is not up to par and those suffering the most are our countries youth. With all the political and religious problems in today's world i believe it is extremely important that the youth knows where these conflicts and important news stories are taking place. This is why myself and Nostradamus (aka Dylan Clark) have founded the Where is Butan? initiative. We are in the begginning stages of the initiative, step one is to get out message out to the public and inform them on how to get started. Step two includes our public outreach program where we come to your house in order to better educate the children, and those adults that need it, as to the geography of this fabulous world we live in. More information will be given soon and updates available weekly as our foundation is being built. If your interest in geography is overwhelming as we speak we do have a quick fix for you however, just pop over to Globe Game on

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