Saturday, September 20, 2008

TRVSDJ-AM Plane Crash

THE DJ for the stars, DJ AM, and the one the only Travis Barker, are in critical condition after their private jet crashed in West Columbia, South Carolina hours after the two performed for thousands of South Carolina college students. The small aircraft which was carrying 6 passengers departed shortly before midnight for Van Nuys,Calif. when air traffic controllers noticed sparks. The Leer jet crashed killing 4 and leaving DJ AM and Travis at a burn center in Georgia in critical condition. The two had performed as a duo known as TRVSDJ-AM which fans and myself agree have a unique, intelligient, one of a kind sound. Travis Barker is up there among the drum kit greats and anything he touches is gold. AM has been on those ones and twos for the celebs for quite some time even having the pleasure of being inside Nicole Ricci and Mandy Moore and has a guest drop in an episode of Entourage. Keep them in your thoughts and the whole East Coast Overdose crew wish them a and their families the best of luck with a healthy recovery. They cant go out like Buddy Holly, please don't let them, theres way too much talent between the both of them.
Thanks to K-Lang for pointing this horrific news out to me.

Heres a visual dose of TRVSDJ-AM
Fix Your Face

Heres your audio dose...
TRVSDJ-AM - 01.mp3
TRVSDJ-AM - 15.mp3

Go download the Fix Your Face mixtape immediately, its that fire.

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