Monday, August 18, 2008

Roadside Prophets

Big ups to IFC for turning me onto quite a few great films late night on my couch and the 90's for producing the goodness. Last night i caught 1992's Roadside Prophets which stars John Doe and Adam Horovitz aka King of Ad Rock of Beastie Boys fame. Its more or less a modern adaptation of Easy Rider where Doe and Horovitz set out for the road staying at numerous Motel 9's on the way to dump a friends ashes in Nevada. The film is filled with some great random cameos from John Cusack to Timothy Leary and Adam Horovitz is a laugh riot throughout the entire film. Netflix this shit and get turned on.

Free food for the poor!
Milk - Spam (feat. King of Ad Rock).mp3

Sublime - Get Out (remix).mp3

"...cause all i see is your fussin' and fightin'
1992 so lets all start uniting
put your hands together be the best you can be
let this jam take us to 1993
to stay positive
the love will come back to me"

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