Monday, August 25, 2008


Weeeeeee are back again, so tell a friend
its Mr, its Mr, its Mr Meeeeaaat!!!!
Until the end, Until the end!

Musicfest NW returns to Portland this September 3-6 and I suggest for all our west coast readers you do what you gotta do and get your ass to Portland. If not you will be missing a lineup for the ages.....Animal Farm, Dan Deacon, Jedi Mind Tricks, Ratatat, TV On The Radio, The Cool Kids, and for all you old schoolers out there Sir Mix-A-Lot. Just to name a few of the bands that will be playing over the four days so make sure you dont miss this!!!!

If I gotta choose a coast I gotta choose the East
I live out there so dont go there
but that dont mean a n****r cant rest in the west
see some nice breasts in the west
smoke some nice ses in the west
Yall n*****s i s a mess thinking im gonna stop giving Portland Props!!!!!

Notorious B.I.G. - Going Back to Cali.mp3

R.I.P. TY to the west coast....Come home soon buddy!!!!!

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