Saturday, August 16, 2008

Green Owl Records Party Recap

So last night, we went out to BK again, this time we rode the mysterious J,M,Z, train (no bike trips this time.)  We didn't know what to expect, heading out to the Green Owl Record party, but once we stepped through the doors, we knew exactly what we were in for.
The London Souls - featuring my high school friend Tash on the guitar - killed it on stage.  Tash was the kind of kid in high school who'd always be the most wasted kid at the party, and if there was a guitar around, you would think Jimi was reborn.
photo credit: Austin Tolin ( from
The So So Glos followed up with a great seat of fast paced, fist-pumping tracks.  The usual assortment of Brooklyn girls were holding it down; kids were everywhere.  Green Owl Records co-owner Ben Brewer was on hand.  There were drinks, and free beers being handed out.  Everyone enjoyed themselves - despite the unbearable heat.

Remember to cop that Green Owl Rcords Compilation disc - the money goes towards a good cause - and check out more music from The London Souls, The So So Glos, and The Americans.  See you at the Battles.

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