Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Graces groove Bloomies

These are The Graces.  Originating in Brookline, MA, this boy/girl folk duo is seconds away from becoming the new king and queen of the New York/Massachusetts music scene.

This is Eli Schwartz.  As a kid growing up in Brookline, Eli was always into his music.  In his high school years, he spent most of his time write, playing, and singing music.  Young Eli eventually went to college where he met Katie Schecter.

This is Katie Schecter.  Katie - who hails from New York City - has music in her blood.  Members of her family have been playing music for years.  Eli and Katie's paths crossed in the fall of '07, and immediately, they connected on literature and music.  When Eli first heard Katie's harmonious voice, it was clear that Katie would be a great addition to the band.
Katie joined Eli, and his band, in recording the Songs for John EP.  Their sound is something that Lou and Nico might create if they were tired of listening to She & Him.  The Graces are playing a free show tonight at Bloomingdale's SoHo at 6:00pm - MySpace time - so don't miss out.  Also, keep an eye out for the guys from the East Coast Overdose team handing out flyers.

And if you missed last night's Bloc Party show, you have a second chance tonight to be blown away.  Unfortunately, you missed D.I.O.Y.Y.?'s final leg of the tour.  Mr. Meat is coming through with the pictures from the show.

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