Thursday, August 7, 2008

The British are Coming!! The British are Coming!!!

The invasion continues!!! Last night at Webster Hall, Does it offend you yeah? and Bloc party continued their tear across the country. Does it offend you yeah? started off the night right with some new tunes and some classic beats, check em out and dont forget to listen to We are Rockstars! MORE COWBELL!!

Bloc Party wasnt about to be outdone though....after a quick set change they came out to a hyped crowd and left no shirt in the house dry! Girls and Guys across the city were left pants less by the end of the set after all the dancing that was done.....I DANCED MY PANTS OFF!!!! Just a little homage to Nate. For all those who missed the show last night you have another night to loose those pants and get a little british....Bloc Party is dj-ing a show tonight al
ong with P-Thuggs from Chromeo and The Virgins, check the link here!!!

For the rest of the pics from the show and to see the EastCoastOverdose crew doing their thing, check em out here!

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