Thursday, July 31, 2008

NYC's Finest

Critical Mass is a bicycling event that occurs monthly in major cities across the globe. Huge numbers of people gather and ride in cities to show how unfriendly the cities are towards bicyclists. Originally viewed as a protest and in some cases still is but for the most part they are a celebration. The NYPD just doesnt seem to get it and even after a judges ruling saying its all good for the event to take place, the blue suits dont back down. This is why i dont have respect for the badge...

what a jerk. and the cop said the dude was trying to hit him. nope sorry

I put on for my city!
Young Jeezy ft. Jay-Z - I Put On (Remix)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sebastian Tellier + American Apparel

Only good things could come about when the likes of American Apparel and Sebastian Tellier team up, and that they did. American Apparel has this radio they dubbed Viva Radio and Mr. Tellier thought it a good idea to make a mix for this Viva Radio. Holler

Here you do...
American Apparel Viva Radio mix - Sebastien Tellier

and if you were curious to what songs those are your enjoying...

1. Sebastien Tellier – L’Amour et La Violence (Boys Noize Main version)
2. Michael Jackson – Rock With You
3. Sebastien Tellier – Roche
4. Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River
5. Sebastien Tellier – Mauer
6. Babyshambles – Delivery
7. Sebastien Tellier – Look
8. Daft Punk – Veridis Quo
9. Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing
10. Sebastien Tellier – Kilometer
11. Low Motion Disco – Things Are Gonna Get Easier (Sebastien Tellier Vocal Remix)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's a boy

Ok so Facebook isnt the coolest thing in the world but its kinda cool. most of the applications on it thoare lame. Scrabulous for example is super lame. How about you put down the scrabble and hit up the internet chess if you want to spend some of your time. Strategery over vocabulary anyday. Yaaate.

Also, tommorow go get your free fix at Mccarran Park Pool in Brooklyn at 2pm. MGMT n The Ting Tings. Yeaa ill be there so should you. Go early because once their at full capacity they'll turn you away and the L train ride back you know, well... Heres a taste of whats not gonna be played...

MGMT vs. Justice vs. The Notorious B.I.G. - Nasty (ddpesh rework)

Ting Tings - That's Not My Name (Tom Neville Remix)

oh, and its a boy, Congratulations. That's what happens when your blessed with that y chromosome.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Heartland Reggae

anyone remember this dvd? i do and its amazing i could watch it all day everyday like those fake ass gangstas who just leave scarface on repeat in their cribs. This is my scarface. yaaate. Too bad i cant find it anywhere around the crib.

Junior Tucker

Althea and Donna - Uptown Top Rankin

Jacob Miller - I Am Natty

run for cover rasta takin' over.

and unrelated news... MGMT sunday at mccarren park pool in brooklyn 2pm FREE but you already knew that

Friday, July 18, 2008


One of NYC's few true premier clothing lines, Mishka stays dropping the freshest prints and fitteds onto NYC's streets and this summer is no different. Along with the huge new summer drop they've also managed to start a mixtape series called Keep Watch, showcasing the most amazing DJ's and keeping the underground mixtapeness alive. Volume 1 of Keep Watch has the canadian turntable duo and fellow Fool's Gold record labelmates Jokers of the Scene throwing down mad flavor for your ears. Holler

Mishka Keep Watch Vol. 1 - Jokers Of The Scene (zShare, zip file)

Stay fly and support Mishka at the same time...
Mishka Store

Digital Gravel 1 2

and for now on every post will have at least one unrelated song for you to get your fix with.

Daily Fix: Cornershop ft. M.I.A. - Topknot
this song is so fire.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Little Pictures

Alriight so ima sucker for pop music and female vocals but who isnt and for those of you who won't admit it, come out of the fuckn closet. There has been a flood of Dude/Chick groups coming out recently like The Ting Tings, Matt & Kim, Gambeboy/Gamegirl, BMX, amongst others. So I heard this one group out of the flood who go by Little Pictures out of Wellington, New Zealand a few weeks ago from some blog and immediately fell in love with those kiwis again. First time being the Flight of the Conchords. But anyway, bedroom pop has officially come back. Bump this day or night in the space where your beds found, bob your head to and fro and youll see why its bedroom pop. Heres two, count two of Little Pictures addictive Popness. Holler

Little Pictures - I Wish I Could Keep You

Little Pictures - This House Can Fit Us All

Well filmed video

Little Pictures - This House Can Fit Us All from eep! productions on Vimeo.

Cop their debut album, Owl + Owl, show some support and you won't be disappointed.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Unemployed in Summertime

hey. yea so its been a little bit but im back with the overdose. my days have been filled with wandering aimlessly around the fuckn internet finding all the goodness and figuring how to get a player and a download link up on the ness. still unemployed, kind of. so thru the wandering i come across this chick Emiliana Torrini from iceland whose kind of a big deal and her sounds tip toe their way thru all the fresh genres. shes got a new album dropping in september and a fresh new track but first lets bring it back with a summer pop beat '99 stylee from icelandic pop queen Emiliana Torrini appropriately titled umemployed in summertime. ahh the female voice. holler

and without the corny visuals...
Emiliana Torrini - Unemployed in Summertime

and the new...
Emiliana Torrini - Me and Armeni

Look for Torrini’s new album on Rough Trade September 9th in the U.S.


Stay tuned for the daily overdose updates.