Friday, April 11, 2008

Screaming Bloody Murder

I hate not being able to find the remote, beat ass friday nights, and trying to upload videos. But its all good cause last night was a night and half. My heads still pounding from the never too heavy bass beats and my feet still wont stop trying to dance. Montreals own A-Trak and the Fools Gold crew team up with Los Angeles Millionaire kid Steve Aoki and his Dim Mak crew to bring all you head bopping young'ns The Screaming Bloody Murder Tour. The Tour also features Sinden on the ones n twos and Kid Cudi on the mic. Tour is straight up fresh and its all your ears could ever really want. I mean A-trak and Steve Aoki on the same stage!? holler.

Heres the Teasers:

Kid Cudi with a paper planes remix (Me on the directing)yeahh that shirt Cudi's rocking is the new fresh 10 deep ish.

Sinden being Sinden

Steve Aoki Screaming Bloody Murder

A-trak Screaming Bloody Murder
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