Saturday, April 19, 2008

NY Rangers, Sean Avery, and 4/19: the day before

Ok i do rep New Jersey real hard but when it comes to hockey i've always bled blue. The New York Rangers rocked the Rock like no team has and rolled right into the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs.The Rangers trailed for 18 seconds in the first period before scoring four straight times and holding on for a 5-3 victory Friday night that ended the best-of-seven series in five games. <----- haha straight up Plagiarized that piece, thanks

Marti Brodeur aka Fatso was so upset he didn't shake hands with Sean Avery.

"fatso there just forgot to shake my hand" - Avery.
Suck it up Marti, you biitch. VICTORY!!!

Sean Avery is a big reason why Hockey is the illest sport played on two legs. Homie scores goals, checks the shit out of whoever, runs his mouth to antogonize everyone on the opposing team, has his home invaded by MTV Cribs, and dates beautiful actresses like Elisha Cuthbert.

The Rangers acquired Avery from the LA Kings midway thru the 06'-07' season and New York hockey has never been more fun to watch.

Heres some Avery'ness thru the ages..

Yeaa its April 19th and you know what tommorow is...

Heres just a taste..

I was a terror since the public school era
Bathroom passes, cuttin classes, squeezing asses
SMOKING BLUNTS was a daily routine

Get your lighters ready.

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