Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kansas' Straight Ballin, Hank vs. Marti, and The Future: Finger Bang

Yeahh so sorry i havent given you your east coast overdose fix in a few days.I know millions of you have been scratching for that quick fix. Ive been missing my little bit o' internet also. I was hustlin this weekend with poppa doing the photography thing and after all that im beat. A lot of things went down tho this weekend thats quite notable.

First off we got Kansas topping Memphis in the NCAA Championship. Now i was favoring Davidson out of the four cause my man Curry's got them skills but that didnt happen. As Biggie says it best "either your Slingin' crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot." holler. But yo Kansas for real?! eh. They held it down.

Next we have the New York Rangers defeating the Islanders on Saturday. Ahhhh yes, playoff hockey. Unfortunately Henrik Lundquist(Hank) and the blue couldn't defeat Martin Brodeour (Marti) and the devils for the Ninth time this season on sunday but its all good. We see eachother again tommorow for some first round playoff time. Holler

Hank couldn't hack Parise's shot in overtime tho.

And so i was watching some late night john adams in HD in the wee hours of the morning because i missed it on sunday and ive got the internet netting away and i find the future; Beamz. and it'll be with us on Aprli 15th, Mark your calanders! Peep the two middle-aged dudes and the hi-five. Classic

Get your $600 when the beamz salesman come.

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